Our Mantra and Vision

Let's See Clearly

We know that the key to an unforgettable experience of visiting an aquarium is ensuring breathtaking visual impressions of the inhabited under-water-world.


But what if the spectators cannot see clearly through the thick glass? Will they leave with a less experience of the animals and your aquarium?


CoolSax is a company that is specialized in cleaning and polishing under-water, by the use of robots. We ensure maximum visibility with minimum intervention.


Where possible our robots substitute the traditional human divers, cleaning and polishing at reducing cost compared to divers, enabling your team to focus on the fun part in their work. No more repetitive working postures for days, with potential sick days and other complaints to follow.


Reduce you cost of cleaning and make it fun and safe at the same time

Your Customers' Experience is All what it is About


If your customers do not see the habitat clearly the experience is less, affecting the yearly number of visitors. With regular maintained windows you can provide your customers with the best experience of the marine habitat.


We can guarantee that it will be just as good as if done by the use of divers - at about 50% of the cost!

Call us for a talk or schedule a visit where we talk about your needs to keep your windows CLEAN and CLEAR.



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